Spices and Health Benefits

Spices and Health Benefits Spices add extra taste and flavor to the food we make. These also are very good for the health. Spices are available in nature from trees and come with lot of nutrients. These improve the metabolism. Given below are some spices and their health benefits. Pepper: Pepper contains anti-oxidants. Pepper helps […]

How is hair implantation done?-Hair implantation is done giving local anesthesia

Hair transplantation procedure For the prevention of baldhead though many artificial ways are there plastic surgeons are stating the permanent method is the best way. Genetic reasons, stress, the life style, change in food habits are the reasons for the baldhead. Majority of the patients who suffer from this are gents. With baldhead the person […]

Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Immune system protects the body from various disease and bacteria. Sneezing and cough are the two reactions of the immunity system when dust, bacteria and so on enter the body. This process protects the respirators and digestion systems. But in some people immunity system does not work properly due […]

Alzheimer’s Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Alzheimer’s Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention Nearly 2.4 crore people are suffering from Alzheimer’s worldwide. Number of patients is doubling for every twenty years which is a worrying factor. Forgetfulness is very common in everybody’s life. But in some people this becomes so severe that they cannot do their routine works and their behavior completely changes. […]

Bad breath can be caused by gum diseases-Consult dentist to cure bad breath

Bad breath reasons and prevention Many of us consider the improper brushing of teeth is the main reason for the bad breath. But this is not the only reason. The food we eat, gums diseases are also the reasons of this bad breath. Sometimes chronic problems are also indicted by this bad breath. So better […]

Food that contain B12-B12 necessary for healthy nervous system

B12 deficiency problems  Confusion, forgetfulness are most commonly seen in old people. B12 vitamin deficiency may be the reason for this problem. As age advances the capacity of the body to absorb B12 from the food we take will decrease. This leads to deficiency of this vitamin. But these symptoms are neglected as the old […]

Tips to Prevent Anaemia | Foods Which Contain Iron Should Be Taken

Tips to Prevent Anaemia | Foods Which Contain Iron Should Be Taken There are many women and kids in India who are suffering with anaemia. They are suffering with lack of red blood cells and this is the reason for proper absorption of oxygen in the body. Many parts in the body are not getting […]

Apples keep cholesterol levels low-Milk heal injuries fast

Tips for good health According to a study, eating of two apples a day will control the cholesterol levels in blood. So eat good fruits for keeping good health. Taking of milk which is rich in calcium, fish which is rich in proteins will help in getting all the injuries cured very quickly that take […]

Dry Eyes Treatment-Dry Eyes can be treated with artificial water or eye ointments

Dry eyes treatment, symptoms, causes Dryness of eye Though nobody wants tears, in their eyes, tears are essential for the eye. But in some people  there will not be tears and the eyes get dried up. This is seen in people working many hours in air conditioned rooms and in those who continuously see the […]

Prevention of Dry Eyes- Schirmer tear test helps diagnose Dry Eye

Dry eyes problems, diagnosis, prevention Problems with dryness of the eyes: The problems that arise because of the Dry eyes are not similar in all. In some there may be infection in the conjunctiva layer. Some may have infection in the cornea. If this problem is more there may form some small blisters in the […]