Alzheimer’s disease prevention tips-Mental exercises help in preventing Alzheimer’s

Five tips to prevent Alzheimer’s If you eat fruits, then eat such fruits that can be eaten as a whole fruit like Guava and banana. They slow down the process of slow functioning of brain. Berries (black, blue, raspberries) also help in prevention of Alzheimer’s. Get your blood pressure checked frequently. High blood pressure doubles […]

Alzheimer’s disease – Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects the brain with the advancing age. This is generally seen in people who are aged above seventy years. Scientists believe that this disease is caused due to the increased levels of a type of protein in the brain that destroy the nerve cells. Few symptoms of Alzheimer’s […]

Regular exercise help to reduce aging signs-Good habits must to stay and look young

Five tips to stay young Some people look young in spite of their old age. Let us see 5 factors to help them stay young. Nutrition:  Taking the diet which is rich in fiber and less in fat. Regular exercise:  Regular exercising will make the body look young for longer time since it gets the […]

Alzheimer’s Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Alzheimer’s Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention Nearly 2.4 crore people are suffering from Alzheimer’s worldwide. Number of patients is doubling for every twenty years which is a worrying factor. Forgetfulness is very common in everybody’s life. But in some people this becomes so severe that they cannot do their routine works and their behavior completely changes. […]

Asthma prevention tips-Asthma preventers and relievers

Asthma allergens, prevention and treatment If a person in a family has asthma it is problem not only for him but also a problem for the entire family members. This particular disease not only troubles the body physically but also brings a lot of mental depressions. This also brings family problems. There are many families […]

Bad breath can be caused by gum diseases-Consult dentist to cure bad breath

Bad breath reasons and prevention Many of us consider the improper brushing of teeth is the main reason for the bad breath. But this is not the only reason. The food we eat, gums diseases are also the reasons of this bad breath. Sometimes chronic problems are also indicted by this bad breath. So better […]

Food that contain B12-B12 necessary for healthy nervous system

B12 deficiency problems  Confusion, forgetfulness are most commonly seen in old people. B12 vitamin deficiency may be the reason for this problem. As age advances the capacity of the body to absorb B12 from the food we take will decrease. This leads to deficiency of this vitamin. But these symptoms are neglected as the old […]

Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Immune system protects the body from various disease and bacteria. Sneezing and cough are the two reactions of the immunity system when dust, bacteria and so on enter the body. This process protects the respirators and digestion systems. But in some people immunity system does not work properly due […]

Spices and Health Benefits

Spices and Health Benefits Spices add extra taste and flavor to the food we make. These also are very good for the health. Spices are available in nature from trees and come with lot of nutrients. These improve the metabolism. Given below are some spices and their health benefits. Pepper: Pepper contains anti-oxidants. Pepper helps […]

Homeo Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease – Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Homeo Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s is a disease that is found in people of old age. Dementia in the old age can be because of Alzheimer’s disease. There are effective medicines for this disease in Homeopathy. Changes in the living methods of the patients can be bought with homeo treatment. Physical and mental condition […]