Causes of Allergy – Tests to Identify Allergies

Causes of Allergy

Causes of Allergy

Causes of Allergy

Substances that cause allergy are called Allergens. Allergens are present everywhere. They are present in air, food, water and the products like cosmetics, sprays, plants, on pet animals, things we use in homes like carpets, blankets etc.

Allergens in air cannot be easily avoided. Pollen, dust, animal dander etc are the commonly caused airborne allergies. Foods that commonly cause allergies in people are peanuts, wheat, nuts, fits, eggs, milk and Soya. Food allergies are sometimes so threatening that they require immediate medical attention to avoid death of the patient. Insects may also cause allergy in some persons.

Tests to Identify Allergies

Allergy is an abnormal reaction of immune system of a person. Patients who are suffering with allergies should undergo tests to identify those substances that are causing allergies to them to avoid suffering from problems. Allergy tests identify the substances that cause allergy and provides the patient with accurate measure to deal with allergens like pollen, pets, foods etc. Some common symptoms of allergy are running nose, nose block and sneezing. Symptoms of food allergy are gastrointestinal signs and stomach pain etc.

Skin Tests: Skin tests are a way to identify the allergen in which a very small amount of allergen is applied on to the skin by puncturing or administering a needle. These tests are taken out by an allergist. Then the skin is observed after a specific time period for swelling, redness. If these symptoms are present then it can be confirmed that allergy for the substance exists in the patient and treatment can be planned accordingly.

Blood test: In the allergy blood tests, immunoglobulin E antibodies produced by a person who is suffering with allergies is measured. The results of the test can be out in 48 hours. Depending on the range of Immunoglobulin E it is determined whether it is normal or abnormal.

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