Chew Ginger on empty stomach in Spring season-Cool, easily digestible food for Summer

Ayurveda health tips for spring and summer seasons



Sisira, vasanta, greeshma seasons are described as adaana kalam in Ayurveda. So Ayurveda depicts summer as “Aadana kalam”. Sun takes all the energy from the earth. The quite opposite time is Dakshinayana. It is called Visarga kalam. The influence of moon will be more on the earth. With the effect of moon energy improves in the men. All these are described as the effects of sun and moon on earth.

Food: the food that we eat consists of 6 tastes. They are sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, kashaya. The first three of these act as vatahara. That means they increase the energy and the strength of the body. The rest of the three act as vatakara. That means they make the body get tired. This happens in Addana kalam. Hence we feel tired in this time. We should definitely get the energy to face this tiredness in coming summer.

Vasantham or Spring: in this season since we don’t feel constant appetite se suffer from many digestive problems, Also the resistance power decreases, Hence there is possibility of many infections in the digestive system. Polluted water, vegetables, and other food products cause indigestion, yellow jaundice, motions, stomach ache, vomiting Etc.,

Here are some precautions to prevent these problems according to Ayurveda.

We should drink pure water. Boiled or water purified using water purifying devices only are to be taken. If Chillaginja or indipa kaya is rubbed and that paste is mixed in water. Then all the impurities come down and that water has to be taken after it is filtered.

We should take the food that is easily digestible. The food also should be taken while it is hot only. Better to take the food in limited quantities only. Early morning on empty stomach it is better to chew ginger and swallow according to Ayurveda. This decreases the indigestion. It is also better to chew Somp. All these increase the digestion power.

  • This is the best season to exercise.
  • Abyangam, chandanalepam of body are healthy.
  • It is also the best season for sex.
  • In the Telugu tradition we offer Uparalu(bonalu) to goddesses of each village in this season. It is believed that this will prevent the measles and chickenpox from entering the village. This is a symbol that people of those days recognized then only that such viral infections occur in this season.

Summer: This is the season in which the weather will be very hot due to the hot sun. Because of this hot sun man gets tired very fast. To overcome this tiredness some food habits help a lot. Mainly sweet, cool and easily digestible food is to be taken. More and more liquids are to be taken, Applying sandal to the body and moving in gardens, and getting relaxed in cool breezes, sleeping in moon light in nights wearing light and white colored clothes are advisable. Ayurveda has told the “pitta dosha samana prakriyas” long back. If we observe carefully all these prakriyas prevent sunstroke and dehydration.

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