Habit of drinking alcohol may lead to liver cirrhosis-Reflux, acidity problems with alcohol

Alcohol effects on Liver and Digestive system

Alcohol effects on Liver

Alcohol effects on Liver

In past, drinking alcohol was considered to be a big sin. Bu today it is a fashion. This change may be due to the change in life style of people. But the damage alcohol does to man physically, mentally, and socially did not change. Alcohol is an enemy to mankind. It is an enemy of the human body entirely and for each and every part of the body also. First we drink alcohol and later it boozes us. Here are the entire damages it makes to our health in detail.

In recent times there was a great research done on alcohol medicinally. They studied thousands of people who were addicted to alcohol; we came to know that the death rate among these addicts is much more than in the people who do not take alcohol. As we separate the illness, diseases and all other facts it became clear that the reason for the deaths is alcohol. Worldwide the deaths due to all other diseases are 4% and only due to alcohol are 5%. It is understood from these statistics that it is better to give up this drinking habit. But in India, the scenario is quite opposite to this. Yearly, the consumption of this alcohol is increasing by 30%. By 2015 1900 crores liters of alcohol will be consumed. The market of this alcohol will go to 1.4 lakh crores by 2015. We need not specifically mention the ill effects of alcohol in the changing society. The drinkers are now a day quoting that drinking in limits is good for heat and health. But if this crosses the limits it will damage the liver and health to a great extent. Almost all the parts of the body do not function properly. Let us see how alcohol damages our body part by part.

Liver: Everybody now knows that drinking of alcohol will damage liver. But it is important know to what extent this damage can be. There are four stages in the longtime liver problems caused by alcohol. Among these four the stage which damages liver to certain extent and that which is very common is fat getting accumulated in liver. This is called fatty liver. This can be easily detected using ultra sound scanning. If alcohol is given up in this stage the liver can be cured completely. If drinking of alcohol is continued in this stage also it leads to Hepatitis, liver Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis means the liver becomes hard and rough which actually should be very soft. The damaged caused to the liver cannot be repaired in this stage. Not only this, this stage can lead to liver cancer also. The important thing to remember is that if liver reaches this stage the chances of getting it treated is very less. Because of this liver Cirrhosis  bleeding in intestine, accumulation of water in stomach, jaundice, Psychic problems also may occur. This is really very dangerous disease. Hence we should realize that after fatty liver stage also drinking will lead to irreparable damages to liver.

  • Out of 10 people who got addicted to alcohol 2 has some or other portion of their liver damaged.
  • The risk of damage of liver due to alcohol is more in women, in obese people, and in people who are overweight.
  • It is found that the risk caused by this alcohol is less when it is taken at the time of meals than in any other time.

Digestive system: The irritation in the digestive system increase with the increase in volume of alcohol drunk. If we drink less also more acids are released by the digestive system. With this not only reflux or acidity problems arise but also Gastritis may take place. This will cause stomach ache, vomiting, motions. In people who drink more bleeding in the stomach also takes place. In people who drink years together it may lead to stomach cancers also. In such people there may be ulcers in the intestines also. Though it is very natural to vomit when drunk in large quantities these vomiting also may lead to problems. Mainly, when we vomit in unconsciousness, that matter to be vomited, may enter the lungs. If we cannot eject out that matter by means of cough it leads to some other complications. Forcible vomiting injures the throat and bleeding also may take place. This will lead to some severe problems.

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