Less intake of salt good for health-Happy marital life reduces stress and ill health

5 Tips for healthy, long life

5 Tips for healthy

5 Tips for healthy

Everybody wish to lead healthy and happy life for long time. It is not very hard to fulfill this wish. Now with the help of improving technology and following good habits we can easily lead a very healthy long life.  The researches that are carried out in this aspect reveal us the fact that our health is in our own hands.

Laugh is the best medicine for heart: To laugh 100 to 200 times a day is equivalent to jogging for 10 minutes as stated by the cardiologists. When we laugh, the production of the hormones that help to relieve stress, increase in the body. So laughing is the best medicines for all the diseases caused by stress like High BP, Heart troubles, diabetes, and other psychometric diseases. So try to laugh more.

Living in nature also increases the span of life.  It is observes that people live long in villages than those in cities. So make the surroundings green. Sitting occasionally in the morning sun will supply sufficient amounts of Vitamin D. But to protect ourselves from harm full rays of sun we should use sunscreen lotions. Continuous learning process also increases the life. Because, the interest in new things also increases the interest in life.

Couples lead a long life: The surveys reveal that singles fall ill quickly than the couple. If there is understanding between the couple they live happily and lead a longer healthy life.  Experts say happy couple life is the standard unit for long life.

 Some new researches done in psychology, mothers of many children are leading longer lives than those who have less number of children. The reason being their mental satisfaction that in their old age there are many people who will look after them.  It is also important to have many friends. Pure friendship gives not only happiness but also a great confidence.

Excess of eating: Excess eating is the main reason for many diseases. Eating without the thought whether it is necessary or unnecessary the accumulation of fats in the body take place which lead to innumerable diseases. As the body loses its shape we lose interest in life and also lose our self confidence. All these result in the decrease of our life span.

Fasting is the best medicines for all. In a week we should give up eating food and only should eat fruits for the entire day. We should spend these 24 hours only eating fruits and sometimes water. This will eject our all the toxins in the body as said by the natural doctors.  Exercise also is essential to release the stress and to stay fit. It is better if this exercise is running, jogging, walking and jumping.

Harm caused by the habits:   If worked for long times any machine would get heated up. If we continue it to work like that it goes for repairing.  In the same way human machine also cannot work without a break. We also need some rest. If sufficient rest is not given to the body the capacity of the body decreases as the cells get diseases. Hence a good sleep is necessary for us to work interestingly again. Sleeping early and getting up early are very good to healthy. Generally 6-7 hours of sleep is sufficient.

People who want to lead a long life should be away from the habits like smoking, drinking alcohol. People who smoke have great chances of getting disease like heart problems, Osteoporosis and other breathing diseases.

Though it may seem a very small issue oral health is also very important for the health of the body. Flossing, after every meal is compulsory. Consult the dentist at least monthly once.

Food is the best medicine: It is necessary to take balanced diet. Cereals, fruits, vegetables, are to be made as the part of diet. The toxins in the Tea, coffee cause problems to live, lungs. IT takes 6 hours for tea to digest completely. In mean time it causes great harm to the metabolic activities in our body.

It is not at all good to take tea and coffee continuously. It is better to give up Tea and coffee totally. This also brings the usage of sugar in control. The sugars increase the age of network of cells.

No food that is available in nature tastes salty. Any natural food is tasteless, bitter, sweet, or soar. That means our body does not need salt. The less usage of salt is very good to the body.

  • Always remember that walking is very good habit.
  • While working in sitting posture it is better to sit in correct posture.
  • Always take warm water after meals.
  • Better to drink a glass of water before brushing your teeth in the morning. This sends the saliva that has formed in the mouth into the stomach again.
  • After washing the face with water don’t wipe it out with towel. Just leave it like that. This makes our body moist.
  • Better to take shower bath whenever possible as it protects the moisture of the body.

These small precautions will make of our body healthy and beautiful and also help us to lead a long life.

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