Pancreas helps in digestion-Pancreatic hormones influence the metabolism rate

Pancreas Significance

Pancreas Significance

Pancreas Significance

Pancreas is a gland that does its function very silently. The infection caused to this particular part is called pancreatitis. This can be prevented by being away from bad habits like smoking and alcohol. Many of us don’t know much about Pancreas. This is vital organ that helps in the process of digestion. We do not know about this organ till it has some problem. With bad habits like drinking alcohol this type of infection is seen. With pancreatitis stomach ache and some other intense problems are experiences.

What is pancreas?

Pancreas is a gland in the shape of a leaf. It can be divided into four parts like head, neck, body, tail. There is a duct in middle of this gland. The juices secreted by the pancreas flow through this duct. The excretions flow into the duodenum. The diameter of this duct will be 16th part of an inch. The duct from the gall bladder and the duct from the pancreas meet at a place called Ampulla of vater.

Functions of pancreas: The functions of pancreas are of two types 1. Exocrine 2. Endocrine.

  • Exocrine: It secrets the juices that are useful in digestion. The juices speed up the process of digestion.
  • Endocrine: Some of the juices mix with the blood and help in process of metabolism. These effect cells and their network. But in pancreas, 90% of enzymes participate in the digestion process. The cells called Acinar in pancreas produce enzymes. These enzymes are used in the building up of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. These help in the absorption of nutrients by the body. The solution that flows from Acinar cells make the enzymes work properly. This solution is called pancreatic juice.

The substances in pancreatic enzymes:

Pancreatic Proteases (these secrete Trippin chymotrypsins in the process of digestion). These are useful in the digestion of proteins.

Pancreatic amylase: These juices digest the Sugars.

Pancreatic Lipase: These digest the fats.

Approximately 4% of hormones are secreted by pancreas. This highly influences the metabolism rate of body. Some hormones are secreted by Islets of Lagerhans.

  • Insulin: This controls the % of sugar in blood.
  • Glucagon: This works with insulin in the maintenance of sugar levels in the blood.
  • Somatostatin: This controls some other hormones.
  • Gastrin: This helps in the process of digestion.

Pancreas works on the indications of nervous system. As soon as we take food pancreas gets indications by the nervous system. As soon as this indication is received by the pancreas it produces pancreatic juice. Acinar cells become active and enzymes are secreted. They flow into duodenum from there. As they reach the duodenum the process of digestion of food gets initiated.

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