Precautions to Be Taken to Prevent Allergy

Precautions to Be Taken to Prevent Allergy

Allergy prevention

Allergy prevention

Allergy is the hypersensitivity disorder of immunity system. The person who is suffering from allergy should take some precautions to avoid allergy problems. They should recognize and stay away from substances that are causing allergy. They should not use perfumes if they are causing allergy. They should not roam in dust or cool weather. They should wear dust masks to prevent dust from entering the respiratory system.

If the person is suffering from dust allergy, they should avoid using carpets, blinds, blankets, feather pillows. These are the places where dust mites reside. The carpets can be replaced by washable rugs. These should be washed in hot water often. Dusting of things in home should be taken with damp cloth or oiled mop. Some sprays used to kill mosquitoes or cockroaches may also the cause of allergy. For this the patient should stop or limit the usage of the spray. Allow plenty of fresh air into the room.

Pets like cats and dogs also cause allergy. Pets should be given bath frequently but the person who is suffering from allergy should not do this. Keep the pets out of the bedroom. Use vacuum cleaners to clean the rooms. Wear facemask while cleaning the house. Patients should avoid irritants that cause allergies like sprays, tobacco, pollution or paints.

For allergy problems anti histamines, decongestants, and corticosteroids are prescribed in allopathy treatment. These give only temporary relief but do not cure the disease completely. Further these may weaken the immunity system and cause side effects. In the modern Homeopathy treatment, medicines are prescribed basing on the patient’s body constitution and the symptoms of allergy. Homeo medicines strengthen the immunity system and there by cure the allergy. There will be no side effects with homeo medicines.

Rain and cool air are the enemies of allergy patients. Rainy season and winter season does not allow the allergy patient to live peacefully. These seasons are not so difficult to live for others. They don’t get any problems. Because the main reason for allergy is the immunity problems but not the weather conditions. Mostly people take medicines that suppress the symptoms of allergy but do not work towards increasing the immunity levels. To get rid of the allergy problem, the only way is to increase the immunity of the body.

Allergy problems may not be severe all the time. But there is some mental tension for the patient due to allergy. Nature of body is also one of the reasons for allergies so special concentration should be paid to this to prevent the allergy completely.

Allergy patient first should find out what are the substances that are causing allergy to them. As far as possible, they should try to keep away from this allergen. They should replace the food substances that may cause allergy to them with some other food items and observe. This has to be continued for several months. With this the patient can have an idea of which food substances are causing allergy to them. As far as possible, they should try avoiding cool weather and air pollution. If digestive system is affected by allergy, this should not be neglected and proper treatment should be taken.

The above information is given in general and patients are advised to consult the doctor depending on the severity of the conditions and symptoms.  The symptoms and severity of allergy may vary from person to person depending on the strength of immune system of the patient.

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