Prevention of Appendicitis-Some Facts about Appendicitis

Prevention of Appendicitis Appendicitis cannot be prevented.  But it generally believed that having food that have more fiber is good as this will not allow any obstructions in passing the stools and thereby there will be no blockage of Appendix. Some Facts about Appendicitis Appendicitis is found more in cities than in villages.  One of […]

Symptoms of Appendicitis-Prognosis of Appendicitis

Symptoms of Appendicitis Appendicitis generally starts with abdominal pain. Later symptoms like fever, vomiting and not having hunger can be observed. These symptoms are very important in diagnosing Appendicitis. Abdominal pain: The pain of Appendicitis is unique. This begins around the Navel area. Gradually it spreads to Right iliac fossa where Appendix is located. This […]

Appendicitis-Causes of Appendicitis

Appendicitis Appendicitis is an emergency medical condition. Appendix is a fingerlike pouch that is located at the beginning of large intestine. It can be found at the place where small intestine and large intestine meet. Though it is a part of large intestine, it has no apparent importance in human beings. Generally the length of […]

Treatment for Appendicitis-Homeo Treatment for Appendicitis

Treatment for Appendicitis If appendicitis is confirmed in the doctors’ personal tests and also in the ultrasound tests, it is better to directly go for surgery.  If the ultrasound test results are not clear, the blood test is conducted.  If it is even then not confirmed then the patient has to be admitted in the […]

Complications of Appendicitis-Diagnosis of Appendicitis-Ultrasound Test for Exact Diagnosis of Appendicitis

Complications of Appendicitis Most serious complication of Appendicitis is the infection that may occur due to the rupture of Appendix. The infection may be found in the lining of abdominal cavity which is also called the Peritonitis. Peritonitis is a condition which requires immediate medical attention. Rupturing of Appendix sometimes becomes life threatening as the […]

Homeo Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease – Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Homeo Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s is a disease that is found in people of old age. Dementia in the old age can be because of Alzheimer’s disease. There are effective medicines for this disease in Homeopathy. Changes in the living methods of the patients can be bought with homeo treatment. Physical and mental condition […]

Arthritis is damage of highline cartilage-Arthritis is of many types

Arthritis Facts, types, risk factors Generally, as the age advances some pain is felt in the bones. This pain may be due to arthritis. The terminus of bones where joints meet there will be a layer called Highline cartilage. This means there is no blood circulation in that area. This gets damaged as the age […]

Habit of drinking alcohol may lead to liver cirrhosis-Reflux, acidity problems with alcohol

Alcohol effects on Liver and Digestive system In past, drinking alcohol was considered to be a big sin. Bu today it is a fashion. This change may be due to the change in life style of people. But the damage alcohol does to man physically, mentally, and socially did not change. Alcohol is an enemy […]

Bad breath can be caused by gum diseases-Consult dentist to cure bad breath

Bad breath reasons and prevention Many of us consider the improper brushing of teeth is the main reason for the bad breath. But this is not the only reason. The food we eat, gums diseases are also the reasons of this bad breath. Sometimes chronic problems are also indicted by this bad breath. So better […]

Cerebral Aneurysm Diagnosis-Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment-Prevention of Cerebral Aneurysm

Cerebral Aneurysm Diagnosis Cerebral Aneurysm can be diagnosed through the tests like Angiography, C T Angiography, MRI scan etc.  Intracerebral Angiogram will help to detect obstructions in blood vessels that carry blood to the brain.  This test also gives the details of tumor in the brain, size of Aneurysm, place and shape of Aneurysm.  Brain […]