Eat Watermelon in summer to prevent dehydration-Eat fruits and vegetable salads in summer

Summer food The food that we take according to that season will keep our body healthy. In summer season we should take the food that can be easily digested. Watermelon: It contains 80% of water. Hence it quenches our thirst and protects us from dehydration. Grilled vegetables: Vegetables like onion, carrot, beans, garlic should be […]

Seasonal changes cause many diseases-Ayurveda treatment for summer diseases

Summer diseases and Ayurveda treatment Many diseases are caused due to the seasonal changes. It also depends upon the resistance power of that man. Given below are few treatments for common summer diseases. Indigestion: Bhaskara Lavanam or Hingwashtaka churnam 5gm should be taken with warm water. Cough: Juice of tulasi or basil or garlic is […]

Summer food for children, adults and aged-Take more butter milk in summer

Summer food for children, adults and aged Summer foods for children Summer means holidays for children. They spend their holidays in playing or excessive traveling, or with summer camps. Due to these excess things they lose their energy and water from the body. So they require nutritional food. Milk products like lassi, buttermilk, flavored milk, […]

Chew Ginger on empty stomach in Spring season-Cool, easily digestible food for Summer

Ayurveda health tips for spring and summer seasons Sisira, vasanta, greeshma seasons are described as adaana kalam in Ayurveda. So Ayurveda depicts summer as “Aadana kalam”. Sun takes all the energy from the earth. The quite opposite time is Dakshinayana. It is called Visarga kalam. The influence of moon will be more on the earth. […]

Heart Diseases and Angioplasty

Heart Diseases and Angioplasty Diabetes, high blood pressure, lack of exercise for the body and heredity are the main reasons for heart diseases. Many people are dying due to heart attacks every year. Heart diseases can be identified through some symptoms. Heavy chest, chest pain while climbing steps, lifting weights, pain on the left side […]

Hyperhidrosis Types-Hyperhidrosis Symptoms

Hyperhidrosis Types-Hyperhidrosis Symptoms Water gets cooled when it is poured in the new pot. The main reason for water getting cooled is the pores on the pot. In the same way, body gets cooled with the help of sweating glands. In few people, sweat is seen in more amounts in few places and so such […]

Tips to Prevent Anaemia | Foods Which Contain Iron Should Be Taken

Tips to Prevent Anaemia | Foods Which Contain Iron Should Be Taken There are many women and kids in India who are suffering with anaemia. They are suffering with lack of red blood cells and this is the reason for proper absorption of oxygen in the body. Many parts in the body are not getting […]

Bad breath can be caused by gum diseases-Consult dentist to cure bad breath

Bad breath reasons and prevention Many of us consider the improper brushing of teeth is the main reason for the bad breath. But this is not the only reason. The food we eat, gums diseases are also the reasons of this bad breath. Sometimes chronic problems are also indicted by this bad breath. So better […]

Viral Fever-Symptoms of Viral Fevers-Diagnosing Viral fevers

Viral Fever Cool weather though is pleasant makes the immunity of the body weak.  As a result, bacteria enter the body easily and cause problems like viral fevers in winter and rainy seasons.  But these problems can be prevented with few precautions. Windpipes of lungs are a wonderful creation.  They kill any virus that tries […]

Alzheimer’s Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Alzheimer’s Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention Nearly 2.4 crore people are suffering from Alzheimer’s worldwide. Number of patients is doubling for every twenty years which is a worrying factor. Forgetfulness is very common in everybody’s life. But in some people this becomes so severe that they cannot do their routine works and their behavior completely changes. […]