Treatment of Viral fever-Homeopathy treatment for Viral fevers-Prevention of viral fevers

Treatment of Viral fever

Treatment of Viral fever

Treatment of Viral fever

Treatment for viral fever depends on the symptoms of the patients.  Antipyretic and analgesic drugs are prescribed by the doctors.  Antibiotics are prescribed only when there is severe infection.

Homeopathy treatment for Viral fevers

Patients who are attacked with viruses suffer from fever for seven days.  There will be fever and severe body pains.  Virus will enter the body and live by eating the Cytoplasm that is present in the body tissues.  Thus the body tissues will get damaged.  Homeopathy medicines do not harm the tissues but send out the viruses from the body.  Homeopathy medicines should be used depending on the symptoms of the patients to get relief.

  • In initial stages there will be no other symptoms except fever in some patients.  In these patients Arsenic Album-200 one dose should be given and for every four hours Rustax-200 medicine should be given for five times to prevent the increase of temperature.
  • Sometimes temperature of the patient will be as high as 1050.  Tongue will turn into mud color.  There will be severe body pains.  Phyronism-1000 is the medicine that should be used in this condition.
  • Some viral fever patients may become drowsy.  There will be no thirst but there will be severe headache.  Headache will decrease when the patients passes urine.  These patients should be given seven doses of Jelbimium-200 medicine for every four hours.

In some patients there will be body pains that increase with movement.  Thirst will be more but they will not drink water.  There will be constipation and five doses of Bryonia-200 medicine should be given for every four hours.

Complications of Viral fevers

Complication of viral infections are Pneumonia, gastroenteritis etc.  Pneumonia should be treated by methods of clearing respiratory secretions and using ventilators. Viral fever patients will recover within one week but the weakness and fatigue will remain for a couple of weeks.

Prevention of viral fevers

  • When elders are attacked by the viruses they may suffer from only fever and cough.  In children these viruses may affect respiratory system and even brain.  Therefore, kids should be taken to the doctor immediately when they are suffering from viral fever.  At the same time these viruses will not stay in children for many days.  So children recover quickly.
  • Brain fever, dengue fever, Malaria do not spread from person to person.  These are spread through mosquitoes which bite the patients as well as normal persons.  Therefore it is necessary to take precautions to eradicate mosquitoes.
  • Diarrhea is seen more in children during winter season.  Necessary treatment is to be given to the children before it is too late.
  • Pollution decreases the immunity power of the body.  Body easily gets attacked by viruses.  Therefore children should be kept away from polluted places.
  • Polluted water is the main cause for Diarrhea.  Water should be boiled and filtered.
  • Vaccinations are now available for even Flu and Mums.  So it is necessary not to show neglect in providing vaccination to children.

For any type of health problems, it is important to consult concerned doctor and take necessary treatment.  It is dangerous to take any drugs without doctor’s advice.

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