White Spots-Who are prone to White Spots-Reasons for White Spots

White Spots

White Spots

White Spots

White Spots is a common skin disease.  In many situations the disease cures by itself but sometimes it does not go easily.  This is one type of fungal infection of skin.  This disease is generally found in old age people or middle age people. White Spots are seen in both men and women.  This disease is also called Versicolor because of the change in skin color. 

Who are prone to White Spots?

  • People who live in hot weather or in places which has more moisture.
  • People who take steroids.
  • People who suffer from lack of nutritious food.
  • Those who have low immunity.
  • Pregnant women
  • People who sweat more
  • People with oily skin
  • People who suffer from Hormonal imbalance

The above people are more prone to White Spots disease.  Some people get this disease due to hereditary reasons.  Sometimes healthy people may also suffer from this disease.  But there is no need to worry about the disease.

Reasons for White Spots

White Spots disease attacks due to a fungus Melissa Harrer which stays on the skin.  This lives on the oils and dead cells on the skin.  This fungus is present on all the people but causes the White Spots disease in only some people.  When the disease is more severe, there will be spots on the bodies of the patients.  This disease is seen more when the climate is hot or has more moisture.  This is seen more in summer season.  Exact reason for the disease cannot be determined till now.

Patients who suffer from White Spots may find it problematic to move freely in the society.  Skin loses its natural color and there will be red, wheat or white color spots on the skin.  Sometimes these spots may also cause itching. Itching is caused due to more sweat and heat. White spots are generally seen on the back side, shoulders, hands, chest and neck regions and occasionally on face.  In children White Spots will be seen on the face.

Effect of heat is more on White Spots.  Severity of spots will vary from person to person.  In some people spots will be very small and in some people these will be big.

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