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losing yourbalance…?                              …give us a calland talk it through 
0870 765 0001
The new helpline for DoctorsAn independent friendly and supportive service.All calls are answered in confidence by volunteer doctors.       The DSL – run by doctors for doctors A PriMHE Project – Charity No. 1087275 
The Doctors’ Supportline is an independent helpline, funded by the Department of Health for doctors in England.It was set up and is supported and administered byin collaboration withThe Doctors’ Support Network For more information:www.doctorssupport.org 
                     Nov ‘02
THE DSL SERVICE0870 765 0001The helpline is for qualified or trainee doctors.      Opening times are on the answerphone message,and include:{ 6pm – 10pm evenings{ some daytime hours{ additional hours on Sunday (closed Sat.)FeedbackIf you have experience of this Service, we would be very grateful for feedback. Please contact the office for a form or visit the DSL website. Addresses overleaf.*call charges per minute: 8p day, 4p eveCOULD THIS BE YOU?I unable to cope
I losing confidence
I at a  crossroads
I overwhelmed by personal difficulties
I in despair
I no-one to turn to The Doctors’ Supportline offers you help. WHO WILL ANSWER YOUR CALL?We are all doctors who have volunteered to answer your calls.We will –
• listen
• understand the pressures of  being a doctor
• guarantee complete confidentiality
• respect your anonymity
• offer support – but not advice• know of other sources of help 
WHY A HELPLINE?The Doctors’ SupportLine (DSL) grew out of an on-going self-help group set up in 1996 (called the Doctors’ Support Network) by two doctors., Lizzie Miller and Soames Michelson, so that those of us experiencing mental or emotional distress could help and support each other.
What else might help?As the pressures on all doctors increase, many of us are finding the struggle to cope increasingly hard. We may even feel forced to consider leaving the profession, or at least early retirement.In response to this, Dr. Chris Manning set up the charity PriMHE in 1999 to raise awareness of mental health issues and encourage new initiatives to support medical practitioners.
As a national peer support helpline, the DSL is a PriMHE/DSN project designed to help meet this need.
ABOUT OUR VOLUNTEERSWe come from all parts of the UK, from many different backgrounds and medical specialisms.We have volunteered to work for the DSL because we have experienced the value of peer support when the pressure becomes too great and we needed to talk.We are mindful that our callers are not our patients but our peersWe have all attended a Preparation Course and receive ongoing support for ourselves in this work. We are backed up by the staff of PriMHE and the Doctors’ Support Network.Donations/SupportAs a voluntary project, the DSL needs more funding. If you can help with a donation or can offer other support, please contact the PriMHE office.